Surely you have entered the Internet and at some point you have run into specialized blogs of which you have become a faithful follower. If you are thinking that the owners of these sites only write to tell anecdotes and knowledge they want to share, you may be 50% right.

The truth is that many of these blogs have another goal, which is to attract potential customers to the site that surely sells a product or service. If you have a virtual store, be sure that having a blog is going to be a source of assured traffic, as well as an opportunity to show what you have to offer the market, and that you are interested in sharing knowledge that you know can be valuable for other people.

That is why every blog must have a marketing strategy to follow and must have some issues that are essential to deal with in your blog to avoid working in the dark, and that can briefly show tangible benefits for your business. Next I’m going to give you 6 topics that you can deal with; they are basic and adaptable themes, so it does not matter what your shop is spinning, you can use them quietly.

  1. Present your business, store and / or product.

A good way to start with your blog is to present what you are offering. People should know what are the benefits you intend to provide, so be clear and take this opportunity to show them a bit of your history, your goals and what you have for them.In this content you can add photographs of your virtual store, images of your products in stock and if you have available, some tutorial videos.It is your opportunity to praise what is yours before an audience that is curious to meet you.

  1. Present your work team

As a client, you want to know who you are dealing with. That’s why my second topic proposal for your blog is to present your work team and what is the function of each one. Surely this is already in your site, but in this space you can do it more informal and more creatively. How about including sketches of each accompanied by a phrase that always says?This will show your readers that each of the people on your team, including you, are like them, which will generate a feeling of trust.

  1. Make a list of influential people in your industry that your readers should follow.

As a participant in your industry, you should have located the people you think are the best, so it’s time to share this valuable list.Create a content where you add the name of your favorite leaders, along with their social profiles and their blog. Also, include an extract of why you consider is the person that your readers should follow. Be brief, but remember to make good promotion to the right person.Once you have finished this, let that leader know that you are sharing your social profiles with your readers, especially so that you are interested in knowing that you are sharing, and for which you should enter your post and your blog in general. Consider that you will have a grateful reader before you.

  1. Answer questions.

There are certain questions that will always remain in the minds of your new clients, so anticipate and make a content in which you give them an answer. Your readers will be more than grateful to find this type of content in your blog.Do not confuse this with the well-known FAQ’s. Remember that in this space you can include even the simplest doubts that you think you may have. Forget the traditional and use your creativity to answer them.

  1. Create tutorials.

Ah most people like to see graphically and listen to our favorite content; The truth is that a video is much more attractive than a text. That’s why the opportunity to create videos should always be present in your mind. Apart from doing some to present the company, others to present your products, or simply showing your staff, the most requested and most appreciated videos are the tutorials.