The tool to create ads that provides Facebook has everything you need to create a successful campaign and the first step to travel this road is to have very clear and defined which is the goal that is intended to achieve with the announcement, Facebook presents us 3 types of general purpose:

Improve the positioning of the brand or business

Finding potential customers for the business

Increase conversions or sales of the company

Create the advertising account

In the advertising account is where all the billing information will be placed: country of the account, currency and time zone, in the case of wanting to change this data a new advertising account must be created.

Ad set configuration

Define the public: here you choose the public you want to see the ad, the help service for Facebook advertisers has all the information you need to make a good segmentation, here you can see.

The segmentation that can be done is:

By location: you can enter one or several countries, states, cities, provinces, etc.

Age: here you select the ages in which the target audience is

Sex: choose man or woman or both sexes

Languages: this option is left blank unless the target audience speaks a different language than the one spoken in the chosen place.Define the location of the ad: at this point choose the places where you want the ad to appear, there are several ad placements on Facebook:


Audience Network: the announcements will also be shown in the news section, applications and websites of partners that are part of the Audience Network, here you can get more information, but it is in English 🙁


Choose budget and calendar: at this point you have to be very careful, because that is what you are willing to spend for a certain time for the ad to be shown to the public.

“Remember: you do not buy ads or the ability to show ads. What you tell us is how much you’re willing to spend to show your ads to people in your target audience who can contribute to the results you expect. ”

– Help service for Facebook advertisers –

There are two types of budget:

Daily budget: average amount you are willing to pay for the ad to be published per day (it is recommended)

Budget of the set of announcements: it is the total willing to spend in total during the time that the announcement is shown.You can also set a spending limit on the account to have more control of what you want to spend, to establish that amount you just have to follow the following steps:

  • billing
  • Expense in the account
  • Set limit (here specifies the spending limit you want to set for the account)
  • Click on set limit

Calendar: here you can select the option to publish from today (the day you schedule the announcement) or in the option to define a start date and a publication date, the latter is the one that I recommend you not to be billed an amount greater than what you have planned in the expense.

Optimization for the delivery of announcements: the option that you choose here depends on your selection in the objective, for example, if a conversion objective was defined, the optimization option can be clicks on the link to your website, this will help Facebook to Determine the audience that the ad will show to help you get more and better results.

Start the creation of the ad

Choose the ad format: you can select between a single image or a single video in the ad and the other format option is several imagesNext, the image, presentation or video that will be used in the advertisement is selected