How to Use Two WhatsApp Accounts On the Same Phone

Officially you can only install a WhatsApp application and use an account by phone, but there are methods to use two accounts of WhatsApp at the same time in the same phone, with third-party applications or with pre-installed utilities.

Today we will see how you can have two WhatsApp in the same Android taking advantage of the functionality included in some phones (for example, Samsung) and through free applications available in Google Play.

Does your mobile feature duplicate apps?

With the boom of mobile phones with several SIM support, Android manufacturers have had to get down to work to make sure you can take advantage of these two SIMs that presumably have two different phone numbers. And with two phone numbers, you probably want to use two different accounts in the messaging applications.

Dual messaging – or duplication of applications – is not currently a standard function of Android, so it depends on whether the mobile manufacturer wants to include it or not. In fact, the same manufacturer as Samsung includes it in some phones yes and in others no.

How to Use Two WhatsApp Accounts On the Same Phone

This function of creating clones of an application to use more than one account in Samsung is called Dual Messaging, in OnePlus it is called Parallel Apps, in Huawei mobile phones it is called App Twin and in Xiaomi phones it is called Clone Apps, to name a few.

It would be impossible to explain the operation of all these different methods of different brands, but if your phone already includes the factory function I recommend you use that instead of a third-party application. We will use as a base for the implementation of Samsung, Dual Messaging, which should be similar to the rest. If you have any doubts, consult the manual of use of your phone.

In a Samsung phone with Dual Messaging, the process is quite simple. First, you must open the Settings application from the application drawer or the desktop if you have configured the mobile to show all the applications there.

The Dual Messaging configuration is partially hidden in the mobile settings. You should do some vertical scrolling in the list until you find Advanced functions. Tap on it to go to the next step.

Here you must find and touch on Dual messaging. If this option does not appear on your Samsung mobile phone, you may not have it included. Try using the options search in the upper right corner, in case you were in another submenu, but if it does not appear you should use the following method, with a Google Play application.

In the section on Dual Messaging, all you have to do is activate the function for the messaging applications that interest you: in our case, WhatsApp. The list shows the compatible applications that you have installed at that moment.

Before activating the function you must accept an exemption of responsibility. Basically says that the function can stop working at any time if the person responsible for the messaging application so requests in the future. Press Confirm

After the first confirmation comes the second. This time you must confirm that you want to install another copy of WhatsApp, which will be the one you can use with another account. This new copy will have a different icon so you can differentiate them. Press Install.

Said and done, you will have a new WhatsApp on your mobile, with a small logo superimposed on its lower right corner. This copy of WhatsApp works totally independent of the original, so you can set up a different WhatsApp account, linked to another phone number.

If it does not come from the factory, use Parallel Space

If your phone does not include the function to duplicate an application so you can have two instances of WhatsApp, in Google Play there are a good number of applications that can help you like App Cloner or Parallel Space, to name just a few. We recommend Parallel Space for having better compatibility. You can download it from

Parallel Spaces literally creates a “parallel space” where you can install applications without interfering with those outside. In this way, you can install a copy of WhatsApp inside, having another copy of WhatsApp installed outside. The first time you open the application creates the space itself, in a process that lasts less than a minute. When finished, press Start.

The next step is to choose which applications you want to install in that parallel space. Parallel Spaces preselects a few applications, but if you are only interested in WhatsApp, it is best to select only WhatsApp and deselect the rest, to improve performance. Press Add in Parallel Space.

Congratulations! You already have your copy of WhatsApp installed. Tap the icon to open it and you’ll see that you can sign up with another account and use another WhatsApp on the same phone. You will need, as always, to verify your phone number by SMS or with a call before starting to use your other WhatsApp.

Alternative of Whatsapp

As you know WhatsApp is one of the best social apps that millions of people are using it but some of them don’t want to install WhatsApp on their phone. they looking for an alternative of WhatsApp so they can chat million of people without installing WhatsApp in their phone. So for that, you can use the online chat room for WhatsApp alternative where millions of people are online 24/7 in this chat room .you can chat live it’s a text-based chat room easy to use it also this chat room is 100% free and without registration.

How To Calculate The Average Period of Payment to Suppliers

As a measure to combat delinquency in commercial operations, it is stipulated in the third additional provision of Law 15/2010, of July 5, that all commercial companies must expressly include in the annual accounts report their period means of payment to suppliers, understood as the period that elapses from the delivery of the goods or the rendering of the services and the material payment of the operation.

For this purpose, to determine the way to calculate this ratio we must address the Resolution of January 29, 2016, of the Institute of Accounting and Auditing of Accounts, on the information to be included in the annual accounts in relation to the period means of payment to suppliers in commercial operations, distinguishing in their operation between the mercantile companies that elaborate the normal model of the report and those others that on the contrary formulate the abbreviated model or apply the General Accounting Plan for Small and Medium Enterprises.

How To Calculate The Average Period of Payment to Suppliers

As expected, the mercantile companies that prepare the report in the abbreviated form of the General Accounting Plan or that apply the General Accounting Plan for Small and Medium Enterprises will calculate the average period of payment to suppliers in a simplified manner through the following formula:

In this sense, we must take into account that commercial creditors include the items of suppliers and various creditors for debts with suppliers of goods or services included in subgroups 40 and 41 proposed in the chart of accounts of the General Accounting Plan. In addition, when dealing with an average balance this will be more accurate the smaller the periodicity of the measurements (daily better than monthly), although in practice with a view to presenting the annual accounts in the Mercantile Registry, the average between the balances at the beginning and at the end of the fiscal year.

On the other hand, net purchases and expenses for external services include the amounts accounted as such in subgroups 60 and 62 of the PGC, that is, without including taxes.

Once the average period of payment to suppliers has been calculated, this information should be expressed through the following table, which for the annual accounts for 2016 is placed on the new IDP2 page of “General identification data and additional information required, together with the information on the application of the results:


On the other hand, for the mercantile companies that elaborate the normal model of memory the calculation of the average period of payment to suppliers.also you can compare these prices with different merchant accounts and you can pick one for your business. For these purposes, the number of days pending payment will be considered as the total number of calendar days that have elapsed since the date of receipt of the goods or provision of services until the last day of the period to which the annual accounts refer. However, when there is no reliable information, the date of receipt of the invoice may be taken as the beginning of the term.

Finally, it is worth remembering that in accordance with the regulations on late payments, the maximum payment period that can be agreed is 60 calendar days, so that in case the average payment period calculated according to the above formulas is higher At said maximum, the measures to be applied in the following fiscal year for its reduction shall be indicated

Bitcoin and Spotify Can Fundamentally Change The Music Industry

Spotify was unable to pay royalties of about $30 million a year that we had to pay for artists the past year. That is why it is not possible to determine in which song the rights of who and how much. These payments were suspended due to disagreements between artists, production companies, and publishers. However, a system that determines which piece of copyright belongs to whom and in what way can solve these problems from the root.

Remedy blockchain

One of the most suitable candidates for solving the database problem in the music sector is block-chain technology. Thanks to this technology, all content and copyrights can be easily tracked and even all payments can be done automatically with intelligent contracts. This potential is not often used in such a large and popular sector to date, especially in the area of finance technology, which is often expressed. However, this may change soon.

Spotify bought a New York-based initiative called Media chain Labs at the end of April. The purpose of Media chain Labs is to find and add images to the database and to determine which image belongs to whom. Spotify’s purchase of an initiative that leverages block-chain technology to build this database is interpreted as a similar system by Spotify.

The regulation required for the public offering

The popular music platform has not yet made a statement in this regard. However, Spotify, which is expected to be offered to the public in the near future, should be able to clarify the database and distribute copyright effectively. Otherwise, after the public offering, many people can use Spotify for alleged unfair revenue on their own content, here’s how to make free spotify premium account. These actions will also adversely affect the company’s shares in the stock market.

The ability of block-chain technology to organize this is actually known to the technology community. Even Alphabet’s DeepMind artificial intelligence unit has developed a block-chain system that will keep British medical reports under control. Nevertheless, this technology must be used by a company like Spotify to be widely accepted. Famous artists also need a business association here. If Spotify takes such a step, it will have to accept the payments of singers such as Rihana, Justin Bieber, and Drake, who paid the most from the company over the past year, via this system. These payments can even be made through Bitcoin. The use of Bitcoin by renowned artists and music companies may mean that a new twist on digital payments will be introduced.

How to increase your Domain Authority

How to increase your Domain Authority

The Domain Authority (DA), is a metric that predicts the importance of a website in the results of search engines. This scoring system was developed by Moz, an SEO consulting firm.Thus, since the Page Rank was not updated again, the reference to know the importance of search engines to a page is the Domain Authority. Basically, through the DA, it is about knowing the level of confidence and quality of content that the search engines indicate to the domains.

The score can fluctuate from 0 to 100, where a rating between 40 and 50 is average, and from 60 onwards it is considered an excellent place. The most important variables that Moz has to determine the authority of the domain are the number of links that point to that website and who links them. As we will see later, the SEO factors of the domain are also important.

How to increase your Domain Authority

Five steps to follow to create Domain Authority on your website

1. Write good content

Obviously, this is something you should always do, as we remember in most of our posts, the content is still king and is what will help you position better.Now, focusing on this topic, what exactly does Moz consider to be “good” content? That depends on what you write but in general, we can call good content to original and current articles, which have a clear objective, where diverse vocabulary is used, and have a professional appearance.Likewise, longer posts are also considered to be of higher quality, where each word has a purpose. Adding visual elements such as photos, gifs, information graphics and videos always improve the quality of your content.

2. Publish frequently

Websites that publish quality content on a regular basis have a Domain Authority that is much larger than sites that transmit irregularly or infrequently.Produce good articles often is not easy but with proper organization, you can enter a rhythm of regular publication, which will be of great help to improve your positioning.

3. Create links to your own articles

It is very significant that you link links to your own articles, it is an incredibly easy way to decrease your bounce rate, increase your views and keep users on your website.Make sure to place them in such a way that visitors find your website easy to navigate. No matter where you land, you should be able to simply find a link to your home page.Keep in mind that the organization of your internal links improves the user experience and makes your page more impressive.

4. Stay active in social networks

You should always share your content on social networks and participate with other users to increase your followers. If the articles on your website receive a large number of actions on social media platforms, the Domain Authority’s score will increase.Similarly, sharing content on networks will also help you generate traffic to your website, which is very beneficial to increase your DA.

5. Use SEO techniques

If you have high your Domain Authority is likely to appear in the first results of pages of search engines, so SEO is a very important factor in determining your score.if you want to check your domain authority you can use free tool on the internet.The rules of SEO are long and take time to learn but in general, you should aim for the appearance of keywords and make sure that these arise in most of the titles of your publications, in the first paragraph or in a subtitle. Another good strategy is to choose a domain name that contains a keyword that you use frequently.

5 content ideas for the blog of your virtual store

Surely you have entered the Internet and at some point you have run into specialized blogs of which you have become a faithful follower. If you are thinking that the owners of these sites only write to tell anecdotes and knowledge they want to share, you may be 50% right.

The truth is that many of these blogs have another goal, which is to attract potential customers to the site that surely sells a product or service. If you have a virtual store, be sure that having a blog is going to be a source of assured traffic, as well as an opportunity to show what you have to offer the market, and that you are interested in sharing knowledge that you know can be valuable for other people.

That is why every blog must have a marketing strategy to follow and must have some issues that are essential to deal with in your blog to avoid working in the dark, and that can briefly show tangible benefits for your business. Next I’m going to give you 6 topics that you can deal with; they are basic and adaptable themes, so it does not matter what your shop is spinning, you can use them quietly.

  1. Present your business, store and / or product.

A good way to start with your blog is to present what you are offering. People should know what are the benefits you intend to provide, so be clear and take this opportunity to show them a bit of your history, your goals and what you have for them.In this content you can add photographs of your virtual store, images of your products in stock and if you have available, some tutorial videos.It is your opportunity to praise what is yours before an audience that is curious to meet you.

  1. Present your work team

As a client, you want to know who you are dealing with. That’s why my second topic proposal for your blog is to present your work team and what is the function of each one. Surely this is already in your site, but in this space you can do it more informal and more creatively. How about including sketches of each accompanied by a phrase that always says?This will show your readers that each of the people on your team, including you, are like them, which will generate a feeling of trust.

  1. Make a list of influential people in your industry that your readers should follow.

As a participant in your industry, you should have located the people you think are the best, so it’s time to share this valuable list.Create a content where you add the name of your favorite leaders, along with their social profiles and their blog. Also, include an extract of why you consider is the person that your readers should follow. Be brief, but remember to make good promotion to the right person.Once you have finished this, let that leader know that you are sharing your social profiles with your readers, especially so that you are interested in knowing that you are sharing, and for which you should enter your post and your blog in general. Consider that you will have a grateful reader before you.

  1. Answer questions.

There are certain questions that will always remain in the minds of your new clients, so anticipate and make a content in which you give them an answer. Your readers will be more than grateful to find this type of content in your blog.Do not confuse this with the well-known FAQ’s. Remember that in this space you can include even the simplest doubts that you think you may have. Forget the traditional and use your creativity to answer them.

  1. Create tutorials.

Ah most people like to see graphically and listen to our favorite content; The truth is that a video is much more attractive than a text. That’s why the opportunity to create videos should always be present in your mind. Apart from doing some to present the company, others to present your products, or simply showing your staff, the most requested and most appreciated videos are the tutorials.

4 steps to create a successful facebook campaign

The tool to create ads that provides Facebook has everything you need to create a successful campaign and the first step to travel this road is to have very clear and defined which is the goal that is intended to achieve with the announcement, Facebook presents us 3 types of general purpose:

Improve the positioning of the brand or business

Finding potential customers for the business

Increase conversions or sales of the company

Create the advertising account

In the advertising account is where all the billing information will be placed: country of the account, currency and time zone, in the case of wanting to change this data a new advertising account must be created.

Ad set configuration

Define the public: here you choose the public you want to see the ad, the help service for Facebook advertisers has all the information you need to make a good segmentation, here you can see.

The segmentation that can be done is:

By location: you can enter one or several countries, states, cities, provinces, etc.

Age: here you select the ages in which the target audience is

Sex: choose man or woman or both sexes

Languages: this option is left blank unless the target audience speaks a different language than the one spoken in the chosen place.Define the location of the ad: at this point choose the places where you want the ad to appear, there are several ad placements on Facebook:


Audience Network: the announcements will also be shown in the news section, applications and websites of partners that are part of the Audience Network, here you can get more information, but it is in English 🙁


Choose budget and calendar: at this point you have to be very careful, because that is what you are willing to spend for a certain time for the ad to be shown to the public.

“Remember: you do not buy ads or the ability to show ads. What you tell us is how much you’re willing to spend to show your ads to people in your target audience who can contribute to the results you expect. ”

– Help service for Facebook advertisers –

There are two types of budget:

Daily budget: average amount you are willing to pay for the ad to be published per day (it is recommended)

Budget of the set of announcements: it is the total willing to spend in total during the time that the announcement is shown.You can also set a spending limit on the account to have more control of what you want to spend, to establish that amount you just have to follow the following steps:

  • billing
  • Expense in the account
  • Set limit (here specifies the spending limit you want to set for the account)
  • Click on set limit

Calendar: here you can select the option to publish from today (the day you schedule the announcement) or in the option to define a start date and a publication date, the latter is the one that I recommend you not to be billed an amount greater than what you have planned in the expense.

Optimization for the delivery of announcements: the option that you choose here depends on your selection in the objective, for example, if a conversion objective was defined, the optimization option can be clicks on the link to your website, this will help Facebook to Determine the audience that the ad will show to help you get more and better results.

Start the creation of the ad

Choose the ad format: you can select between a single image or a single video in the ad and the other format option is several imagesNext, the image, presentation or video that will be used in the advertisement is selected

Interesting Facts about Android

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